Classic Car Hire Melbourne

Are you planning a special event and would want to arrive ins style? Well, make a grand entry by arriving in a chauffeur driven classic car. Whether you are planning to have a party, a wedding, annual ball or even a simple birthday party for your loved one, we have something for you. Our wide range of classic privately owned, and well-maintained cars are available for you to choose from. Worry no more about where to get classic car hire in Melbourne. We have you covered, and if you want to go the extra mile and want a classic limo for hire, we have that too.

Arrive at your first date night in a small vintage car and impress your date with your classic taste. If you want to attend your son’s graduation party in style, come and have a field day selecting what most suit’s your needs and style.

Why Choose Our Cars

All our cars are delicately maintained, and our drivers are licensed, well-disciplined, mature, and ready to provide you with the best services. They will also go the extra mile and rake a few photographs to make your day memorable. The vehicles are also licensed by the government, so you won’t have to worry about getting stopped along the way, just because the license has expired. We offer professional, reliable and affordable limo hire melbourne services that go beyond your expectations. Our dedication and years of service make us your one stop shop for all your classic car needs in Melbourne.

You don’t have to part with an arm for doing something you love. Call us today and select one of our classic cars, let your heart ride with pleasure, and arrive in style. Davine Limousines will make your special occasion wonderful and full of fun, and your guests will have something to talk about for days.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today. Kick off your special event with style and luxury!